Roosters make a nice addition to any urban farm. These birds provide organic fertilization of your garden as well as pest control for those pesky grubs. Roosters must be provided with a safe enclosure, daily food and water, and veterinary care as needed. Roosters are prohibited by law in the City and County of Denver. Please check your local zoning codes before considering adoption of a rooster.
Adopt VINCENT VAN GOAT a Goat / Mixed farm-type animal in Denver, CO (22843440)
Chicken is a part of the shelter's offsite adventure program called Hikes For Hopefuls. The dogs in this program are taken on weekly 3+ mile hikes with other shelter dogs along with staff members/volunteers. Not only is this a good enrichment progra...
I am trying to sell these chickens as I am moving a few states away in a couple weeks, and I will not be taking them with me. They were hatched in the summer of 2016. They are healthy and are good layers. All the birds are low maintenance and are great for pest control. If you have any questions please call or message me at 520-903-4601.
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